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Photoshoots - Process


Stage 1: Assessment

Clients submit a booking form or speak to us about your requirements.

Once the form is received we will respond with a quote via email.
The email will have deposit options for $150 / $250 (3hrs or more) if you wish to proceed.
(Afterpay option is only available for full balance payments | Afterpay split payments not available)

3 Days before the photoshoot we will send you a balance payment due email if you havent paid in full yet.

Stage 2: Photoshoot

Be Ready:
We highly recommend to have the subjects ready and fresh for the photoshoot day.
It will be an awesome fun day.

If children are participating in the photoshoot, you need not worry if they become a bit moody.
We will make them as comfortable as we can and can also extend the time of the photoshoot to accommodate for any delays caused.  Our team are flexible and understanding.
Rest assured that on rare occasions, we can also redo your family photoshoot
to another day at no cost
 (except a small fuel charge) to you if we see that
its best to do so due to children's mood swings.
We only want the best results for our clients and that's our motto.  :)

Items of importance to bring: mirror | drinks | makeup | spare clothing |

Live feedback:
During the shoot we will feedback to you unprocessed images.

End of session:
You can request for more time if schedules permit.

Stage 3: Image Release

The processed images will usually be ready for collection within three days.
All images go through many stages of rigorous quality checking on color tones | blemishes before image release.

File formats will be in high definition files.

Images release will be either via usb | download link | whatsapp.
We recommend having whatsapp on your phone | desktop pc as its free and fast with no issues on file sizes.

Giclee Fine Art prints provide a lasting memory in hard copy which is why we include it as standard in our photoshoots. These prints (number of prints included is dependent on which promo is used) last an average lifespan of 75 years with true life colors and rich black tones. Giclee prints are delivered in person by our team to ensure it is protected from damage.

motherboard macro photoshoot
Coco and Jack 01-3.JPG
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