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Welcome to Duyu Photography

Sports Fitness
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Sports | Fitness Package

We are experienced in photoshooting action, sports and fitness clubs.

If your business has a requirement for ongoing photoshoot work, do let us know so we can discuss about setting up a special pricing program for you. We understand business cashflow challenges and can discuss what works for your business.


Our ongoing B2B work involves:

- Capturing Martial Arts/Muay Thai fighting competitions with challenging fast sporadic body movements.
- Photoshooting fitness members to pose for promotional material including post production editing to meet the high standards of the A12 program.
- We also do subcontract photoshoot work for dance competition photography businesses.

Event Photographics

Your event will be captured with crisp, vibrant images to inspire your audience. From hero shots to wide angle crowd coverage, we also ensure that the photographics fit in with your event theme.

Speak to us about your upcoming event to discuss what your requirements are. We'd be happy to get on board!
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