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Welcome to our Photoshoots home page. 


We are artistic photographers with stringent attention to quality and detail.
Enjoy a truly different perspective when you photoshoot with us.


We focus our processes on art and quality, from artistic portrait photoshooting to multi stage quality editing. And finally to our end product of printing where we edit your photos at a micro level to achieve maximum detail.

A variety of print options are available including Giclee Fine Art grade prints. 
Giclee prints are not printed on normal photographic paper but produced on 100% smooth cotton paper. 
Cotton paper can retain extreme detail and color. 
These prints are of museum grade with 75yrs average lifespan.


Depending on your chosen package, a very special A1 size Giclee Fine Art print may be included. Excellent value with all Giclee prints mat mounted also.

Duyu Team


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